Commercial Interior Designing

The work environment is a representation of the culture and values that you are projecting out to society. Tribuz Interiors is skilled at translating this culture perfectly on to the structure of your workplace, whether its an office, an institution, a wellness clinic, a retail shop, a hospital or a clinic.

Commercial Interior Designing In Gurgaon


A true design always portray two things one is client’s feeling and idolum and other is designer’s expert touch. Especially in the case of commercial interior designing, each space is an expression of the client’s brand which in turn becomes their identity.


  • Retail Shops

Appearance of a shop creates lasting impression on the customer and side by side inside space, decoration, item presentation and display plays very important role.

Tribuz Interiors believes in creating an ambience which leaves a milestone through effective space planning to ensure that the space in the retail shop is being used smartly & precisely. We believe that a project can only be called successful if the client’s desire and thoughts have been incorporated with designer and transformed that into reality. We understand that how the shop becomes your identity, so we keep in mind your commercial image and customer outreach while creating the design.


  • Office

Office is a place of devotion, a place for concentration, a place of purport, a place for accustom to achieve the target. Interior Designing an office is a holistic approach along with brandy as well as trendy.

Tribuz Interiors has an excellent team of artisan and craftsmanship that certifies itself of excellence. Our moto is to design and decor the place in a way that bounds to those who enter into the premises to deliver their ultimate performance. We achieve this by implementing extraordinary thoughts along with consideration of outstanding look and spacious planning.


  • Clinic

Tribuz Interiors offers the best of Interior designing ideas for clinics, keeping in mind all the amenities and facilities that make up a great clinic.

We are highly passionate about our work and believe in using out of the box techniques and approaches to create masterpieces. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we make sure that we leave no stone unturned while turning their dream projects into a reality. Designing of a clinic is done in a manner that fulfil all functional needs of the place. Maintenance free furniture is preferred but comfort of the patients and visitors never kept aside.  Proper ventilation, easy accessibility to disabled people and a soothing colour scheme are also factors of importance.


  • Institutional

The interior of an institute tells itself about the atmosphere of the premises. Designing and executing Interior work for any Institution is very challenging assignment. Tribuz Interiors enjoy with the work which force us to think.

No matter how much space you have, Tribuz Interiors is an expert at playing with space and converting that into a premises with sense of positivity. Free and open structures encourage better learning among students. We believe in creating an environment for the student where they can grow and prosper with ease.


  • Hospitals

If a medical treatment facility comes up with an ultimate ambience. Tribuz Interiors specialized in providing the reliability and sturdiness to an interior work which required by a hospital. We understand the needs of a hospital structure and work accordingly.